A name list of chashaku(tea scoop) for Koicha, thick tea.

At Okeiko(practice), we often repeat the same name for chashaku(tea scoop). Unlike a chashaku(tea scoop) for Usucha(light tea), any seasonal words are not generally used for  for the name of chashaku for Koicha (thick tea).

I listed up the name of chashaku(tea scoop) for Koicha(thick tea). If you find one you like, please use it and make your practice more exciting!
Shinonome/東雲 the dawn sky.
Kanmuri/冠 a crown.
Yachiyo/八千代 very long period.
Mu/無 nothing. zero.
Gengetsu/弦月 a crescent moon.
Wa/和 harmony.
Zuiun/瑞雲 auspicious clouds.
Chitose/千歳 a thousand years.
Oimatsu/老松 old pine tree.
Tokiwa/常盤 permanence. everlasting.
Shoshin/初心 beginner’s spirit.
Heian/平安 peaceful.calm.
Ichigo/一期 once in a lifetime.
Buji/無事 safe. as usual.

 *will be added anytime.