How to Kiyobuki a matcha scoop

What’s Kiyobuki?

Kiyobuki is a special way of purifying a tea scoop as you know it is likely to use for procedure above intermediate level. Here is the Hana’s memo on how to.

① Make a fukusa with “Sou” procedure and purify a tea scoop.
3 times・・as usual.

From here onward, it’s an original procedure of Kiyobuki.

②After 3 times of wiping with a fukusa, wipe back around the middle section of the tea scoop.
③ Pull up the tea scoop twice with your right hand.
pull up from the fukusa・・
And pull away.

And hold the tea scoop with your right hand as usual, make a fukusa by the procedure of “Sou” and purify the tea scoop just once again.

This is the kiyobuki which Hana was taught!